Elevate Your Coffee Program to Win New Accounts

Premium coffee has taken over the coffee market over the past few years while vended coffee solutions have not kept pace. The result has been declining vended coffee sales and productivity despite growth in the away from home coffee segment overall.

We believe that there is pent up demand from consumers and site managers for a premium cafe-quality 24/7 automated coffee solution. With Rubi, we have elevated both the coffee quality and the overall experience to more closely match consumer’s expectations. Initial results have been compelling with operating partners seeing a 3-10x lift in kiosk revenue vs prior coffee machine placements.

We know that winning new accounts is as hard as it has ever been. Rubi can help you differentiate your company from the competition and move the conversation from price/commission towards adding a valuable amenity to the location.

We have developed Rubi with the operator in mind. With remote wireless technology, automated service alerts, 24/7 monitoring, and a real-time sales reporting portal, Rubi can help you deliver the maximum uptime that your clients demand.

We offer several flexible programs to help you get started with Rubi in your network. Click HERE to be contacted by one of our Rubi team members or send an email with your name and contact info to partners@feniksinc.com

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